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Find boats in Balearik islands        Trova barche alle Baleari     Encontrar barcos en Baleares


Baleares by boat: unforgettable cruise.

Water activities are the spearhead of this voted to the sea archipelago.

balearesMallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera are the 4 most popular destinations. In all of them, except Formentera, you can rent all types and sizes boats to enjoy an unforgettable cruise.

The smaller  Cabrera, home to the natural park of the same name, and some other islets are part of the Archipelago as well.

“Islands of Eternal Spring”, the Balearic Islands are characterized by the typical mild climate of the Mediterranean region. Temperatures range from 15 ° C in winter to 27 ° C in summer, with an annual average of 17 ° C and minimal differences between one island to another.



The infrequent rains make the Balearic Islands a desirable tourist destination in any season . In these islands there are about 300 days of sunshine a year, a  particularly appreciated feature for those coming from the Nordic countries.



Thanks to the wide range of facilities, the beaches, the crystal clear sea, the beautiful scenery, the Balearic Islands have all the credentials to satisfy all tourist expectations.

balearikThe nightlife lovers can find the “movida” in the large group of bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Who wants to chill out can find places to relax. Who wants a without compromise sea experience can rent a boat and discover some otherwise inaccessible enchanted corners.



Not to  forget the excellent insular gastronomic offer that finds its best expression in the pork soppressata, the sopa de Maiorca – a kind of soup with meat and season vegetables – or the  ensaimadas – typical mallorcan sweets.

For those not  opting for the local cuisine, in every corner of the Balearic Islands is likely to find international cuisine specialized restaurants.

For yachtsmen …  numerous international sailing regattas are played in Baleares. The Trofeo Princesa Sofía, the Copa de Su Majestad el Rey Trophy and the Almirante Conde de Barcelona in Mallorca, Trofeo Nacional de Almirante Farragut Menorca Snipes, the Ruta de la Sal and the Semana Internacional de Vela para Cruceros in Ibiza, are some of them.


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