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Find boats in Croatia                 Trova barche in Croazia               Encontrar barcos en Croacia

Sailing in Croatia: rent a boat for the most rewarding cruise you could ever dream of..

Croatia has always been considered a paradise for boating holidays, and this is surely the most suitable definition for this area of the Adriatic Sea. An endless number of islands create a continuum of archipelagos, all different from each other and all utterly charming.



The history of navigation has left its marks everywhere on the mainland coast and on the islands. Everything here shows the ancient symbiosis between man and the sea, from the poor life of the fishermen, up to the glitz of the rich international traders.korcula-island-croatia-6






Along the coasts of Dalmatia we can trace the history that goes from the first ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, arriving to the more recent marks of the Maritime Republic of Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.







grad_split_-_perstilBut what most attracts sailors is the peculiarity of the landscape, the easy and pleasant sailing conditions and the innumerable bays and harbors. Facilities and services to yachtsmen are always great and widely scattered in more than hundred marinas.


The sea is clean and transparent like in few other places in the Mediterranean Sea.
For those wishing to rent a boat here, thousands of yachts are available from North to South.

Furthermore Croatia is easily accessible by plane from many European airports and by ferry from the Italian coast.


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