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Find boats in Ionean Greece                   Trova barche in Grecia ionica                         Encontrar barcos en Grecia Jónico
Find boats in Greece Cyclades                Trova barche in Grecia Cicladi                        Encontrar barcos en Grecia Cícladas
Find boats in Greece Dodecanese          Trova barche in Grecia Dodecanneso           Encontrar barcos en Grecia Dodecaneso


Sailing lovers should not miss Greece!




caretta01For your sailing vacations you may choose the Greek islands because of the sublime nature that surrounds them, you may do it for the clean, clear and warm sea, for the tasty typical cuisine or becuase of the still alive ancient traditions, or for the sweet peace of mind of the Greek life-stile and for the kind hospitality of its inhabitants.


The reason is that you go to Greece because you find all that at the same time.


Il mare trasparente di Votsi (foto Rupert Brun da Flickr.com)le-isole-della-grecia-zante-mare-27596648



Diving, swimming, snorkelling in these waters always give unexpected surprises.


grecia-3 (1)The dry and windy climate provides ideal conditions for pleasant navigation, especially by sailboat.

Countless bays and harbors allow short breaks or overnight stays almost everywhere.

Ashore you will always find something interesting to visit, a breathtaking landscape, some friendly old fisherman  to exchange a few words with and share some laughs.

Both the Ionian Greece, and the Cyclades and Dodecannese archipelagos, are a must-see!

For you cruise in Greece we can provide sail and motor boats to rent, catamarans, gulets and all kind of crewed charter yachts, up to the top luxury ones.

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