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 The Italian coasts.


To sea and sailing lovers, Italy is one of the most interesting destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.

Throughout the Tyrrhenian Sea, from Liguria (also known as Italian Riviera) to Calabria, including the two large islands Sardinia and Sicily, an endless sequence of enchanting landscapes frames the richest collection of cultural and historical treasures. Following the traces of the oldest Mediterranean civilizations, you’ll find the origins of Europe’s history.



Here you can combine delightful wildlife experiences with art and archaeology tours, making your cruise in Italy unique and fulfilling.




In addition, the proverbial hospitality of the Italian people will make you soon feel at home, letting you taste the local traditions and the typical Italian way of life.





7 CAPRI FOTOGRAFOThe most popular sailing destinations are the Tuscan archipelago (Elba, Capraia, Giglio, Giannutri), the Argentario, the Pontine Islands, (with Ponza, Ventotene), the Flegrean Islands, (Ischia, Capri, Procida) the Amalfi coast and the Aeolian Islands, (LipariVulcano, Panarea, etc.)







In all these areas there is a great choice of charter boats, well equipped and maintained


Sardinia, from the the Strait of Bonifacio to Cagliari and Carloforte, it’s all a gem that can not be missed by sea and sail lovers. A cruise in this “spot of Caribbean in the Med”, as many like to define it, is surely one of the things that all yachtsmen dream of.

And finally, Sicily. Celebrated since the time of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, once you have visited it, it will stay in your heart forever. In the old legends its warm, clear waters were home to many Greek Gods… and it’s not difficult to understand why.


by Fabio Samec


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