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Visit Sicily by boat

Sicily is undoubtedly one of the main tourist destinations in Italy.

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to have seen nothing, for Sicily is the clue to everything.” (Goethe)

Cala_Rossa_Favignana_edited-1With its 1500 km of coastline, including the smaller islands, Sicily offers countless different possibilities for a sailing holiday.

The Sicilian coasts offer a sequence of beaches and coves, alternating with small fishing ports, large cities and small towns, all bearing the clear marks of the unique culture and traditions that give this island its strong personality.

A sailing cruise is ideal to discover this beautiful island and the choice of crewed and bareboat charter yachts is very broad. The main nautical bases in Sicily are located along the northern coast of the Island.

On the West side, the small archipelago sicilia02of the Aegadian Islands (Egadi) is the ideal destination for a weekly cruise, departing from Palermo, Trapani or Marsala. Just off the the Eastern corner of the Island lies another charming archipelago, the Aeolian Islands (Eolie), also known as the Seven Sisters. In a weekly cruise starting from Milazzo or Portorosa you’ll be able to visit the 5 main ones (Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Lipari and Salina) and with a few days more also the less known and crowded Alicudi and Filicudi.




In addition to its250px-Taormina_2008_IMG_1621 great natural beauty, the island offers the widest choice of historical, archaeological and cultural attractions, from the ancient Greek and Roman remains, to the baroque castles and the Liberty villas and parks.







carretto_sicilianoThe striking colors of nature multiply in the typical folk traditions of the Sicilian carts (carretti sicliani) and of the puppets (pupi).

Last but not least, the local gastronomy deserves a special mention with its intense Mediterranean tastes and its strong wines. If you are into it you might also want to visit the “tonnare siciliane” (tuna traps).


By Fabio Samec

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